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Afternoon Coffee Date


  • Black and white because…..sleeeeeepy.
  • Seriously, I’m hoping this coffee keeps me from doing this:  image

  • You didn’t think I’d have a coffee date/text post without a Boy Meets World gif, did you?  For shame.
  • I’m currently debating having a second lunch.  Stupid morning workouts.
  • I am 397 miles into training (with over 500 to go) and my legs are toast.  Night runs followed by morning runs will do that.
  • My running shoes are now 441 miles old and are wearing quickly.  Tonight, I shoe shop.  Must fight the urge to be cheap.
  • Tomorrow - 7 miles, Saturday, 15 miles along the Lake in Chicago, Sunday - 6 miles.
  • Excuse me, it’s time for second lunch.

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Indy Monumental: Week 9, Day 4 - Tempo 8 (6:45 goal) 

Awake at 4, did some eating, drank some coffee, digested and was on the road by 5:15.

I ran harder that first mile than I did any other mile, but I just couldn’t get my Garmin’s pace to drop.  I was also wearing my hydration pack (left my handheld bottle at work), so that slowed me a bit.  All things equal, pretty decent run this morning.

That last picture was taken after my run.  It was DARK out there,  Oh well, 10 miles down before work.  

Total: 10.0 miles in 1:12:45 (Tempo 8 at 6:51 pace)

Have a good day before Friday!

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Indy Monumental - Week 9, Day 3 - Easy 8 miles - 8.01 miles in 1:02:42 (7:50 pace)

Today was supposed to be a tempo run, but I left my Garmin at home and a 94 degree tempo run sounded like death.

The plan is to get up at 4 am tomorrow and give it a try. Ugh.

I’m fairly certain that the Mapmyrun app is more accurate than my Garmin and that kind of pisses me off.

I look like the last place finisher in a wet T-shirt contest right now.

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