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Indy Monumental: Week 9, Day 7 - Easy 6 - 6.01 miles in 48:37 (8:05 pace)

Nice and easy recovery run after the crapfest that was yesterday’s long run. I miraculously ended my run right next to the donut shop.  In an even bigger coincidence,  I actually had my debit card with me.  Crazy how things like that work out.  Okay, it wasn’t a coincidence at all.  I planned my entire run around those beautiful donuts.

This was my highest mileage month ever with 235.70 miles.  I can definitely feel it.  

I’ll not go into nutrition or lifting goals considering I just posted a pic of a half dozen glorious baked goods.

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Indy Monumental: Week 9, Day 6 - Long 15 (7:20 - 7:30 pace) - .5 warm, 15 miles (7:29 pace), .5 cool

This was probably the worst long run I have ever had.  The stats look great, but I stopped my watch at least 20 times between pep talks, water bottle refills and all the Chicago crosswalks.

You would think that I would be a bit smarter about training by this point, but apparently that’s not the case.  My hydration level was shitty before I even started the run.  On top of that, I took off way too fast.  I could blame my Garmin for jumping all over the place, but I should be able to run by feel at this point.

I had to stop after mile 6.  I took a Gu, filled my water bottle and debated with myself over calling it quits.  I decided to keep going, but slow my pace a bit.  I stopped probably 3 or 4 times to fill my water bottle and make sure all my limbs were still intact.  

Anyway, once I got off the path and headed for Amy’s apartment I picked up the pace out of pure survival mode.  It also helped that I had to stop at every single crosswalk, so I was able catch my breath quite a bit.

Long story short, I felt awful for about 2 hours this morning, cheated on my pacing by stopping my watch a lot and ran 16 miles total.

Couch, football, Amy and the cute little puppy the rest of the day.

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