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January 9, 2012

I need to start by saying thank you to everyone that liked my earlier post or left words of encouragement.  It still baffles me that complete strangers can be so supportive while IRL people seem to want to drag you down.  

Anyway, I was in a great place mentally when I got off of work.  Great place.  Until…I got out of my car and there was my ex.  If you follow my whining you know that we live in the same apartment complex.  For some strange reason I smiled and waved and she did the same.  Big mistake on my part.  I need to learn to ignore in those situations.  

Every possible scenario/memory went through my head as I was running.  I’ll save you the whining, but it was miserable  Therefore, my run was miserable.  I never got in the groove, thought I was going to pants my poop and felt like I had lead shoes on.  I also stopped and got water/gu after only 30 minutes thinking I could carry on.  I really couldn’t.  

Tomorrow is a gym day and then hopefully my run Wednesday is better.  

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  1. danielleruns said: That’s really shitty. Totes ignore those situations and hopefully things will get easier.
  2. robownslife said: Wed. WILL be better. The bad runs make the good runs worth it. Keep breaking down those barriers about your ex. One day you’ll be able to stare it in the face and be like, “I’ve got this, I’ve conquered you!” We get it. That’s why we’re encouraging!
  3. tallmormon said: Ex’s suck!!! So glad mine lives 5 miles away, don’t have to bump into. But still incredible time! Seriously you are so fast, blows me away every time!
  4. runsforredvelvet said: Sucks that she had to ruin it for you. But good for you for getting out there anyway!
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