Running with Pump

Boston or Bust...

  1. irun2eatpizza said: Awesome! You killed it.
  2. danielleruns said: look at those legs
  3. decidediamworthit said: Ass kicker! That’s awesome!
  4. onefitmama said: Like a BOSS!
  5. shortmom said: KICKASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!
  6. keepingupwithmcjones said: My god you’re fast!
  7. sharondt said: Yay. Well done
  8. ariavie said: That’s great! Congrats! How’s your leg?
  9. justfivemore said: good job! so excellent!
  10. michaeldoeslife said: awesome pic!
  11. joshbuildshealth said: Did work! Nice job brother.
  12. pharmkitten said: Fast!!!!! Way to go!
  13. erocksrunning said: That old dude had a 7:30 pace??
  14. robownslife said: Way to kill it brother!!
  15. thisfearlesslife said: So effing fast!!! How’s the foot?
  16. carolynruns said: Smoked it!!
  17. sleepruneatrepeat said: great shot! I love your form!