Running with Pump

Boston or Bust...

  1. robownslife said: Great man… another half marathon bites the dust!
  2. seeamandarun said: nice pics!! you are FAST!!
  3. keepgoinggreen said: You and future you - classic!
  4. tallmormon said: Awesome, especially last
  5. fromlazytolively said: hahah this is awesome. i legit laughed out loud at the last photo!
  6. uhoh-janellio said: You look gangsta in the second to last photo. Okay, clearly it’s my day to like all of your pictures!
  7. amygetsfitandhasfun said: Great pictures! Love the smile in the second picture.
  8. runtowardsyourfuture said: Future you seems even more badass than current you :p
  9. cantstopcristin said: I think it’s time to get some smaller shorts. Those baggy ones are slowing you down way too much. Ha!
  10. carolynruns said: That last picture is AMAZING.
  11. becky-balances said: Future you is pretty badass. Okay, fine, I guess present you is too. Also: speedy.
  12. barenakedlife said: Love the last pic!
  13. run-doozer-run said: Dude, photogs must LOVE you! Those are some badace pics, sir. Nicely done.
  14. aendiruns said: Omg I want to hit “like” again just for the you and future you photo! :D
  15. mom-athlete said: Do I spy 1:35?! You’re so fast!!! Congrats!
  16. jordan-gets-fast said: The second one is my favorite. Great smile!
  17. betternikki said: These are good!