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August 23, 2012

Just some ramblings:

  • I’ve noticed that I don’t really post much anymore other than pictures and stats.  I started this blog as to place to vent, but that has definitely changed.  Part of that is the fact that I don’t have as much to vent about.  I can’t complain too much about life at the moment, at least I shouldn’t.  The other reason is because I’ve received some anon messages about being “cocky”, “arrogant” and “too good.”  If I come across that way, I’m sorry.  Definitely not my goal.  Yes, I’m getting faster, but that’s because I’m working my ass off.  I’m not sorry for that.  Anyway, I’m going to try to blog more.
  • I didn’t do a race recap from Sunday, but here it is in a nutshell.  Checked into a disgusting motel about 12:30 a.m., slept until 5 a.m., couldn’t shower because there were no towels, ate graham crackers & peanut butter pre-race, didn’t have a single drink of water pre-race, long lines at porta potties prohibited me from using the restroom…but the weather was absolutely perfect.  It was mid 50’s basically the whole race.  Perfect PR weather.
  • I’m going to need new shoes soon.  I can’t believe how fast I am tearing through these things.  I’m pretty sure I’m going with these.  I wear Pegasus +28 now and these are the +29’s.  I will put blue shoestrings on them.
  • Speed work is really helping.  I strongly recommend Yasso 800’s.  
  • However, my new philosophy for normal training runs is this:
  • Eating - I now eat everything.  Most of what I eat is healthy, but I eat a lot of it.  I’m trying to get that back under control, at least a little.  Towards the beginning my diet was way too strict.  I found myself hiding in the corner of the cafeteria inhaling red velvet cheesecake.  Why did I feel this was necessary?  If I really wanted cheesecake, I shouldn’t have to eat it in secret, especially when I was just hiding from myself.  Moderation is key.  Geez.
  • Strength Training - I did a really good job of hitting the gym 3 X a week for the first 4 or 5 weeks.  Then, I went a couple of weeks without going at all.  I’m trying to get back to 2 or 3 X a week.
  • I also stopped posting progress pics.  I’ll get back to that.  Here is the progress through the start of Week 11/21. After the break.

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  1. tallmormon said: I never answer or pay attention to any anon. It’s my blog. Don’t ever worry what people think. this is your journal, life, and therapy.
  2. kirbydoeslife said: Keep posting man!
  3. uhoh-janellio said: Cocky?! PUH-LEEZE. Keep doing what your doing and let them stew in their jealousy.
  4. betternikki said: Anons are so dumb.
  5. carolynruns said: Man, fuck the haters. If they can’t handle your awesomeness they can fuck the fuck off. Seriously. Ugh.
  6. keepgoinggreen said: Inspirational yes! Arrogant not even close. Keep sharing your speed details it’s fuel for us all!
  7. becky-balances said: Yes, blog more please! How is the new place working out?
  8. cantstopcristin said: I couldn’t even finish reading this I was so pissed off! Cocky?!? I can almost see you blushing when I give you a compliment. Arrogant?!? God blessed you with speed and you work your tail off! I could go on but I’m running out of room. You’re AWESOME
  9. choose2dolife said: Good lord man you are not cocky or arrogant but prideful in your own hard work! Own that shit this blog is yours and you inspire others… Plus you look amazing.
  10. pharmkitten said: Yay! Progress pics are back! Don’t listen to stupid anons, never did you come across as cocky or arrogant.
  11. keepingupwithmcjones said: Um, you’re not cocky or arrogant at all. Anon was likely jealous of your awesomeness. Keep up the great work!
  12. shortmom said: Anons are jealous. I (and a lot of others, I’m sure) find your amazing running skill very inspirational! Ignore them — haters gon’ hate.
  13. lifechangeneededaisle3 said: Good job and keep it up!!
  14. chelsearuns said: I’ve never gotten the feeling of arrogance from you at all! All I ever think is, “Wow, he’s fast, I wanna be like him!” haha :)
  15. runsforbrunch said: fuck anons, I think you’re awesome. keep kicking ass!