Running with Pump

Life's tough, get a helmet...

  1. uhoh-janellio said: GAH! Chris ruins everything!
  2. robownslife said: you’re just trying to beat chris lol
  3. joshbuildshealth said: I’ll be curious what you think of this…heard some good things from other tumblrs…
  4. runslikeapenguin said: Love this program.
  5. afatboyslimmer said: I HAVE THIS BOOK TOO! Planning on reading it this weekend actually :)
  6. live--infinitely said: to be honest, i thought you were reading a book about Hanson at first and immediately thought “I NEED TO BE BEST FRIENDS WITH HIM.” and I don’t see why we don’t get to see your afterworkout face anymore!
  7. seechrisrun said: Oh yeah!
  8. trish-runs-the-world-away said: I just finished that one a few weeks ago.
  9. fitnessinablog said: It’s awesome!!!!
  10. travelandtry said: WHAT no more after workout face?!
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