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Thursday Thoughts

  • I ate/drank about 1,000 calories too many yesterday.  It happens.  I’ve been running my ass off lately.  No worries.
  • Spotify is truly wonderful.  The shitty cell phone reception I get in my space at work is not.  
  • It’s really hard to concentrate today.  I just keep thinking about being in Nashville tomorrow and being surrounded by so many awesome people.
  • Next weekend is The Mini and being surrounded by awesome people again.  I’m also going to run my ass off for a PR, but we’ll see if it happens.
  • Speed work this afternoon.  Yasso 800’s x 8.  
  • Did I mention that I’m excited for the next two weekends?
  • I may have already made my race plan for the November marathon.  You can see it here if you’d like.  It’s at the bottom.  It’s set up with the Hanson method for me to BQ.  Again, we’ll see.
  • That’s probably enough rambling.

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  1. johnlevelsup said: I wish I was going to Indy. But it sounds like you’re going to have an exciting and fun couple of weeks.
  2. livelaughlovearedhead said: Best of luck in Nashville! Safe travels.
  3. yogawarriornyc said: And in 2014 your November marathon will be NYC, yes????
  4. tallmormon said: Jealous of everyone out running in Nash and Indy
  5. iwillrunforfood said: I wish I was going to be in Indy :( Good luck and have tons of fun.
  6. amy---ela said: So exciteddddd
  7. seeamandarun said: Yay I’ll see you in nashvegas!!!
  8. two-o-nine said: Yay! Indy next week!!!
  9. seechrisrun said: Exciting! Work is hard when there are races to run!
  10. before-i--sleep said: sounds like a pretty awesome next few weeks!
  11. runsforbrunch said: can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!!!