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April/May Goals:

  •  My goal for April was between 170 and 175 miles.  164 is plenty close enough.  
  • April was supposed to be “drink-free.”  You win, Nashville.  I loved every second of it.  
  • I wanted to be ready for the Mini and I believe I am.  Goal is to beat 1:32:30 and PR.  Ultimate goal is to break 1:30:00.  That only happens if everything comes together perfectly.
  • My only other goal for May is to stay happy.  I’m in a pretty good place right now.  

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  • I dare you to ride in a car with Shortmom for 6 hours and not want to go hit a Crossfit class.  I think I’m going to take the plunge and try it out.  It will at least give me something else to do before Marathon training starts in July.  Edit: Purchased.

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  • Indy is looking gorgeous today.  Can’t wait to welcome you all here. I will be at the expo Friday afternoon around 4.  Looking forward to seeing everyone!!

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  1. becky-balances said: Yesssss crossfit!
  2. nowforthefunpart said: Looking forward to being there!
  3. kategoesrunning said: Uhhhh!!! SO jealous of the crossfitting!!!!!
  4. for-time said: Do it!!!!
  5. shortmom said: wow, that’s a bargain!
  6. jigartronic said: You’re a beast! good luck on Saturday!
  7. themotherrunner said: I seriously have thought your name was BYRON this whole time. I am dyslexic, obviously.
  8. karikeepsrunning said: I will probably be at the expo around that time, so will see you there!