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Taking a few days off

Apparently, I slept funny on Saturday night because my back has been killing me the last two days. This morning I looked like Sheldon here:


I mean serious shooting pains going down both legs.  It was awful.  However, with the help of some generic remedies, I’m starting to feel a little better.


Either way, I’m shutting it down for a few days.  I probably should have shut it down after the race last weekend, but I’m way too stubborn.  

Tonight will consist of laying on my stomach and watching Breaking Bad (again).  I’m very okay with this.

Training for Monumental starts in July.  Until then I just need to not lose too much of the base I have built up.  Here’s what that training looks like:


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  1. pharmkitten said: Old? Old???? I thought we covered in Indy that the term old was banned from use by you young’uns….
  2. shortmom said: find somebody with magic hands!
  3. runningmyownrace said: Hope you are feeling better soon!
  4. run2bme said: Old?!? Bawawawawa!!
  5. becoming-badass said: Haha I enjoy the old and grumpy hashtag…. But for real go see a massage therapist we can betcha back in tip top shape!
  6. seechrisrun said: Lower back? My PT had me doing yoga cobra poses several times a day to help loosen and strength those muscles. I had pain in my hip and glutes that was solved by doing this for a week or so.
  7. ihopeyoulikeblackberries said: Mega impressed with your training plan. Rest up!
  8. westcoastrunner said: alternate ice and heat on your back— advil and if you can, foam roll your back both horizontally & vertically…it will do WONDERS!
  9. fromlazytolively said: Hope you feel better soon!
  10. johnlevelsup said: I was wondering what happened since I passed you on Fitbit’s rankings haha. Hope you feel better soon.
  11. runthroughlife said: Rest up. Come back even stronger.
  12. malloryrunsthis said: I think watching Breaking Bad is a totally acceptable substitute to running (and a good way to spend your rest time). Are you following Hansons for the Monumental Marathon?
  13. heyjesscole said: You have just become one of my favorites ever due to referencing Big Bang Theory. THANK YOU.
  14. katebikerun said: ain’t no shame in being lazy after a lot of training! your body deserves it, even if your mind wants to keep going! hope your legs feel better!
  15. lojogetsfaster said: I don’t remember seeing this part in the Hansen Training manual.