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Just a few updates and ramblings:

  • My back sucks less than it did, but still kind of sucks.  I’m holding off on running until at least this weekend.
  • On a related note, without running my thoughts tend to make me restless.  I need to hit the road.  I went on a walk yesterday, but it wasn’t the same.
  • I forgot my Fitbit at home today.  I feel strangely naked.
  • Today is my sister’s birthday, so I’m having dinner with my family.  Always a fun/interesting time.  I wonder how many times I’ll hear, “Go see a doctor about your back, Bryon.”  I’m guessing at least 10.
  • Pacers game tonight which means my I’ll be extremely anxious/fidgety all day.  
  • This is very boring, isn’t it?  Probably why I don’t get second dates very often. 
  • To sum it up: being injured sucks.  I just want to run and post sweaty pictures.  Dammit.

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  1. iamrunner said: Get better soon! I miss your sweaty pictures too.
  2. ironphenix said: Have you tried yoga?
  3. becky-balances said: Go see a doctor about your back, Bryon. :)
  4. ariavie said: Bummer that you’re hurt :( I hope it feels better soon.
  5. keepgoinggreen said: Hope your feeling better soon pal!
  6. laurworksandwonders said: Hang in there!
  7. betternikki said: Hang in there. Hopefully things will clear up with your back soon.
  8. sarahspeaksnow said: Lol. You’re the best! I hope you feel better soon!