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Life's tough, get a helmet...

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Pretty good night tonight.

  • I had a “hipster off” with my niece. She obviously won. She told me tonight that she wants to run track next year as a freshman. You know, like I could be anymore proud of her as it is.
  • Had a home cooked meal and mom insisted on doing my laundry despite my very convincing protests against it.
  • Ran 5 miles that weren’t terrible despite my legs being pretty sore.
  • Also, thanks for all the messages about the Pacers today. It’s just not their time, yet. Still damn proud of them.

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  1. tallmormon said: she wins!
  2. jbizzle329 said: Dork that doesn’t do his laundry.
  3. thatsminethankyou said: Adorkable. Sorry about the Paceys. I mean, Pacers.
  4. travelandtry said: you’re the cutest.
  5. before-i--sleep said: cute niece!