Running with Pump

Life's tough, get a helmet...

  1. rachaelfightsback said: Random fact: I was born in Indianapolis and lived there for like 7 years. Also, my legs (butt, and chest) hurt so bad from the workout. Omg.
  2. mr-smit said: What everyone else said about the tags.
  3. ariavie said: I so don’t miss runs like that!
  4. becky-balances said: Omg the tags
  5. carolynruns said: CHIIIIIIIILD you need to run earlier in this weather. Or inside.
  6. seechrisrun said: Have you tried the waterproof medical tape? I barely run without it now.
  7. committingtome said: can you explain to me “nipplefuck”?
  8. desert-child said: you need a GOOD beer. none of that bud light lime shit.
  9. chrystimoreorless said: The tags! Omg I’m dying!