Running with Pump

Life's tough, get a helmet...

  1. runetc said: It’s 68 degrees in California.
  2. irlamy said: Eerily similar to my plan for this week. 8 is gonna be toasty tomorrow.
  3. tallmormon said: I think 8 is a death sentence
  4. snapthistiger said: Nice scenery makes the miles go by much better..
  5. iammorethanarunner said: Maybe you will have to lose the shorts next! Ha!
  6. sabbyrunsatl said: It was EXACTLY that temp for my run, too.
  7. bostonmarathon2012 said: can you say MORNING???
  8. garycope said: Stay safe, dude.
  9. becky-balances said: just book a ticket to Edinburgh, it’s perfect here