Running with Pump

Life's tough, get a helmet...

  1. rookcanrun said: Marathon training forces you to ask that question everyday.
  2. lojogetsfaster said: Those shoes look rad.
  3. malloryrunsthis said: That is too early in the morning to be FINISHED with a run. Damn.
  4. becomingme253 said: 5:30 AM! You’re so inspirational. Love it….Keep it up!
  5. straightarrowlife said: I bet you do. I was thinking of you this morning, doing all your 6-ers and more lately, in the heat… but still I hit that 5.00 mark and just could not go another mile. Good job, dude. Every day.
  6. roundingforhome said: I’ll cheer you on from the finish line when you get to Boston. And will probably have a beer waiting for you too!
  7. runningnest said: i can feel myself getting stronger and stronger on runs, where 2 miles were my max, now i can do 3…hoping to be hitting those 6’s by the end of summer….doable?