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Indy Monumental: Week 4, Day 1 - 6 x 800 (400 recovery)

Goal time per 800 = 3:05

This workout was exactly what my confidence needed. Sixth day of running in a row, woke up at 4 to eat and still hit all my 800’s. I’m excited.

I went back to my roots for this one and ran in the vacant parking lot by my apartment. Towards the end I had a couple of PetSmart employees watching me. They had to think I was a lunatic.

Bring it, Monday.

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  1. benitle said: Wow, seriously. I’m impressed by your dedication, speed and badassery. Especially in this weather. You’re such an inspiration!
  2. seechrisrun said: Nice. I love 800s.
  3. milemarkersoflife said: Looooove it
  4. rookcanrun said: Holy effing humidity Batman!