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Boston or Bust...

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Indy Monumental: Week 9, Day 7 - Easy 6

I still need to go the gym today and lift, but the running portion of my week is finally over. 52.5 miles. I can feel every single one of those miles in my knees today.

I never thought I’d run 200 miles in a single month, let alone 224. This program is a bit insane.

There are still TWO FULL MONTHS before the race!! Bring it on.

Enjoy your long weekend!!

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  1. angeldrinkstea said: Holy cow, Pump. That’s intimidating…ly awesome!!! :D way to go!
  2. losingitall said: SoI now have milaege envy to add the pace envy! I hope you have a lovely weekend, you’ve definately earnt it.
  3. seechrisrun said: Think how easy running just a marathon will be.
  4. johnlevelsup said: Damn, that’s longer than the distance between Austin and Dallas!
  5. letsapanda said: I am both impressed and questioning your sanity.