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Indy Monumental: Week 11, Day 3 - Tempo 8 (Marathon Pace, 6:58 - 7:03)

Warm-up - 8:44
Mile 1 - 7:01
Mile 2 - 7:02
Mile 3 - 7:02
Mile 4 - 6:53
Mile 5 - 6:59
Mile 6 - 6:58
Mile 7 - 6:59
Mile 8 - 7:00
Cool Down - 9:16

I’m not sure if tempo runs on this plan are supposed to be this hard or not. Again, I’m just going to trust the plan. Effing plan.

Ready for fall weather anytime now. As much as getting up at 4 am sucks, running 10 miles before work makes me feel like a bad ass.

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  1. ariavie said: They’re supposed to be hard, aren’t they during a 60ish mile week? Once you taper, it won’t be as bad.
  2. losingitall said: Love those splits!
  3. seechrisrun said: They are hard, but you nailed it.
  4. straightarrowlife said: You are a bad ass. Mm hm.
  5. thatsminethankyou said: Because it is bad ass. Simply put.
  6. malloryrunsthis said: Good God you are fast.
  7. kickinupthepace said: Because you are a bad ass!
  8. karikeepsrunning said: I was thinking of you at 4am. Just kidding…..I was sleeping!!! ;). I am not such a bad ass, lol.
  9. sabbyrunsatl said: Yep. I used to get my 20 miler done before 8 am on Saturdays. And on workdays I’d run the 6 miles to/from work. I constantly felt bad ass. Now I’m just ass.
  10. easybeinggreene said: total badass