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Life's tough, get a helmet...

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I’m not really sure I can put words to this weekend, so here are some photos that I don’t think have made it to Tumblr yet.

My race recap would be boring.  Adrenaline carried me to mile 4, pain took over at mile 5ish, I hung on for dear life until the finish.  That’s about it.  I did manage to high five a kid in a Pacers jersey.  I remember that.  Other than that, I blocked most of it out. 

Once I finished and was able to collect my thoughts enough to start scrolling through Tumblr, I was completely overwhelmed.  I have no idea why all of you are so supportive, but I’m not complaining.  So, for the final time I have to say thank you.  I’m still overwhelmed by all the love.

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  1. danielleruns said: You really did a thing.
  2. seeamandarun said: These pictures are great. You are so awesome bryon! I envy your dedication!
  3. shrinkingmomma said: Besides being such an inspiration, I think it’s a matter of what goes around, comes around. You are so supportive of others, that it is payback. Well done, Pump.