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Boston or Bust...

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Last of the race spam, I promise.  

Most of these are from the second half of the race as you can tell by my pain face.  

The last photo is my favorite because I had just given the kid in the Pacers jersey a high five and showed him my tattoo.  He was super excited. 

Official time: 3:03:50.  (7:00 pace)

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  1. rachaelfightsback said: It looks like you were just on a “fun” and leisurely jog, but you were hauling ass. So crazy. Great pics!
  2. megorun said: Holy splits!
  3. thatextra-umph said: You can race spam all you like!!
  4. losingitall said: Bloody brilliant, those splits!
  5. almondsofjoy said: So speedy!!!
  6. sabbyrunsatl said: I lurve de race spammy.
  7. rasmtazberry24 said: Pump your a rockstar look at those splits!!
  8. cantstopcristin said: Adorbz! Even in race photos while going 100 miles an hour. How is that possible??? ;)
  9. dietmortik0 said: Race spam all you want my friend- you’ve earned all your accomplishments!
  10. mar-kicksass said: So basically you ran all 26.2 miles injured faster than the mile I just ran and then nearly puked. How you do that?!?! :) You can keep posting race photos every day as far as I’m concerned. It helps me push harder on MY runs! :)
  11. stephsaysgo said: damn that is SO fast!!