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Boston or Bust...

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I’m kind of liking this whole Black Friday thing.

I got to spend all morning with one of my best friends and his 11 month old son. We had breakfast and went to the hardware store. You know…man things.

After they left, I went for a run. My first consecutive days of running since before the marathon. I went out with the idea of running 3 miles, but was feeling great during the second mile. Why not do a little speed test for the third mile, right? Fourth mile was just a shakeout.

Now, dinner and beers before the Pacers game. Not a bad day at all.

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  1. chrystimoreorless said: You look like a Daddy….I mean that as a wonderful compliment.
  2. liftheavybeawesome said: I like those spectacles!
  3. iwillrunforfood said: You look good with a baby :)