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I’ve been MIA for a little while.  I haven’t really had much motivation in the blogging department lately.  It’s just the same old stuff over and over again.  Run, eat horribly, repeat.   If I don’t want to post about it, I can’t imagine anyone wants to read about it.

Anyway, I think it’s time to get my fitness priorities back in order.

Fitness Goals:

  • PR Shamrock Shuffle 8K this weekend - In all fairness, I don’t have an 8K PR.  Automatic victory.  We’re off to a good start.
  • Read Racing Weight -  Purchasing the book is one thing, turning Netflix off is another.
  • Racing Weight Cookbook - Attempt to actually follow the recipes in the book, even if I have never heard of or can’t pronounce half of the ingredients.
  • PR the Mini Marathon - Not going to lie, this is going to be tough.  Mostly because my weight is up, but I have 5 solid weeks to change that.  It’s doable (TWSS).
  • Blog more, selfie less - I don’t mean write about my feelings, but I should include more stats so I have them to look at instead of just pictures of me sweating all over myself.  I know, boooooring.
  • PR my 5K in June - This one shouldn’t be tough.  My current 5K PR is from 2012.
  • Keep my weight down and mileage up between the 5K and Marathon Training -  Between the Racing Weight book/program and the excitement of using the Hanson’s Plan again, I hope this takes care of itself.  Yes, I’m already getting excited about marathon training again.  Total dork.
  • Sub 3 hour Marathon - Yeah, I’m vomiting a little.

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  1. almondsofjoy said: Your schedule makes me dizzy but also motivating. You should keep doing selfies!
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  3. rachaelfightsback said: I’m sure plenty of us still like your sweaty selfies!
  4. danielleruns said: Don’t stop selfies. Recipes are dumb. You are fast. I like you.
  5. my-life--in-a-nutshell said: Share some reviews after you start using the Racing Weight Cookbook!
  6. onetrubetty said: Happy to see you back!!!
  7. cmjhawk86 said: Good luck on going sub-3. You’re close at 3:03
  8. forgettheumbrella said: "Blog more, selfie less" uhhhhhhhhhhhhh I disagree with this.
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  10. robert-cal said: I would add that I do like hearing about your runs.