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Indy Monumental: Week 5, Day 6 - Long 12 (7:20 - 7:30 pace)

Thoughts from today’s run:

  • This was tough. After texting with my “Pacers family” until 2 in the morning, I slept like shit. Basketball completely aside, really hope Paul can recover completely. His injury last night made me physically ill.
  • Tried to run this in thirds. First 4 I was aiming for 7:30, pick it up for the middle 4, see how I feel for the last 4. Pretty happy with the ability to follow the plan.
  • Generally, cars around here do not care much for runners. Today was no different. The silver lining in this is that I must run without headphones, so I’m getting better at regulating my breathing. I think.
  • On my 11th paced mile, some dude having a smoke outside the bar (at 11:30ish AM) yelled, “Pick up those legs, bro.” Before I could even tell him to eff off, the already drunk lady next to him yelled, “Fuck that, take those shorts off! Woo!”
  • Hoosier hospitality, ladies and gentleman.

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  1. seechrisrun said: I’ve seen bits and pieces about George. Sounds nasty. You wouldn’t think something like that possible on a basketball court.
  2. malloryrunsthis said: Nice pacing! I almost always end up flipping people off who make comments like that which is really a bad idea. I’m going to get punched eventually.